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11月27日、Beach soccer World Wideは日本の世界ランキングを3ランクアップし9位と位置づけた。



Ruy Ramos’ men jumped three places up the World Ranking into ninth place after a decent run in the 2019 edition of the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup.

Japan, who are currently comepting in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Paraguay, defeated Egypt, Mexico and 2018 European champions Italy in their stint in the Dubai and as a result ascend the standing to reach ninth place.
The Samurai leapfrog Senegal, Tahiti and Mexico, while the only other movement in the top 10 was Italy who overtook Portugal into third.
El Salvador and Belarus each rose by two positions to take 16th and 17th, while further down the ranking, France took 27th from Colombia.
Solomon Islands claimed 34th at the expense of Venezuela and Kazakhstan ousted Bolivia from 45th place.
Other than these alterations, in a month of relative inactivity, the ranking stayed the same. 
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